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About our company


Janas Logistics Group is an international company that combines logistics processes: TRANSPORT, FORWARDING, STORAGE.

We provide comprehensive services to our clients as our offer includes transfers between the client’s premises and our logistics park. We handle unloading and loading, verify stock levels and prepare appropriate documentation for all processes. Our Logistics Parks are equipped with the highest quality equipment and passionate staff.

Janas Logistics would not be what it is today without the people whose hard work allows us to achieve the goals and visions of our clients. They form an experienced and international team that, using proven organisational procedures and the support of advanced IT solutions, watches over the entrusted goods and remains at your disposal 24 hours a day.

Our team of experienced drivers ensures that the goods reach their destinations safely and on time. Any ambiguities are clarified on an ongoing basis, ensuring a quick flow of information.

Our fleet of modern vehicles, supported by communication and location technologies with comprehensive service facilities, allows for professional and comprehensive management as well as punctuality and reliability of the services provided. The diversity of our vehicle fleet, including standard and mega semi-trailers, is one of our key advantages.
Janas Logistics guarantees continuous implementation of transport to Western European countries due to having a license to perform international transport.

Janas Logistics is a stable partner for your business in Poland and Europe.

Janas Logistics Group


The activities of Janas Logistics are dedicated to small, medium and large enterprises. With our staff’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry, we ensure safety in the implementation of our services.

Janas Logistics – Your Partner in SPORTS!


Since 2020, we have been the title sponsor of the LBS Bank Janas Logistics KS Orzeł Międzyrzecz team.

We have accompanied the Fantazja Sports Club from Skwierzyna many times, supporting national ballroom dancing tournaments, as well as the club itself in its activities, training and tournament trips.
In 2022, this included the National Ballroom Dance Tournament “Wytańcz zdrowie” (Dance for Your Health) for the Skwierzyna Mayor’s Cup and the Janas Logistics Cup.

We support MTB competitions and our cyclists from the R-Bajk Team club in Skwierzyna.
Since 2019, we have been a partner of the MTB Zachodnia League and the TFL (Transport, Forwarding, Logistics) Industry Championship.

In addition, we have been providing patronage to horse riding obstacle course competitions for many years; in 2022, this included the “Potęga Skoku” Janas Logistics Power Jump, and in 2023, an “L” level competition and the “Potęga Skoku” competition.

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