S1 – Service Truck Skwierzyna

For Janas Logistics Group, an efficient fleet of trucks is the basis of the company’s operation. Therefore, Service Truck S1, located at Gorzowska Street in Skwierzyna, offers highest-quality repair and service of trucks and delivery vehicles. Repairing our trucks allows us to guarantee that our services are performed not only professionally, but also within the shortest possible time.

The technical condition of the cars is supervised by the Chief Technical Officer, together with his team of qualified employees.

Repair and service of trucks from the Janas Logistics fleet can be carried out:

– directly at the Mercedez Benz service centre – thanks to a long-term cooperation agreement, where each inspection is carried out according to the manufacturer’s guidelines using original Mercedes-Benz parts

– in our repair shop in Skwierzyna (S1 Service Truck Skwierzyna) – where, with 40 years of experience in repairing cars and tractors, we carry out fast and specialised tractor repairs

– via mobile truck repair service in Europe provided by Mercedes Benz branches or employees of S1 Service Truck Skwierzyna

Many truck drivers who have an unexpected breakdown on the road can benefit from having their truck repaired at the place where the accident occurred. Thanks to this, the repair of trucks is performed efficiently and the vehicle can continue its journey without major delays and without the need to leave the truck at a car repair shop.

The Janas Logistics Group service centre also deals with computer diagnostics, mechanics and electromechanics, repair of engines and gearboxes, repair of truck semi-trailers and trailers, bodywork and painting of trucks, regeneration and replacement of various components and parts for trucks and delivery vehicles, as well as other services related to the ongoing maintenance of trucks in excellent condition.

Replacing truck tires is one of the most important aspects of ensuring road safety. Appropriate tires guarantee adequate grip and control over the vehicle, especially with heavy loads. That is why we cooperate with our long-term business partner from Skwierzyna, who offers comprehensive truck tire service to ensure the safety and efficiency of our fleet.

Our business partner supervising the fleet has state-of-the-art equipment that allows for quick and effective tire replacement and damage repair, without the need to move the vehicles to a stationary service centre.

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The activities of Janas Logistics are dedicated to small, medium and large enterprises. With our staff’s professionalism and knowledge of the industry, we ensure safety in the implementation of our services.